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3nt3rtainm3nt N3wz

Wat is ur 0pini0n 0f th3 Chris Br0wn and Rihanna situati0n? I p3rs0nally b3li3v3 that n0b0dy r3ally n0s3 wat happ3n b3tw33n th3m s0 n0 0n3 shuld p0int a fing3r. At th3 3nd 0f th3 day, 3v3ryb0dy mak3z mistak3s n Chris Br0wn and Rihanna ar3 includ3d just b3caus3 th3y ar3 c3l3brti3s. At first, i aut0matically p0int3d th3 fing3r @ Rihanna statin dat sh3 pr0v0k3d him 2 hit h3r. aft3r a c0upl3 0f w33kz, I r3aliz3d that n0 0n3 is p3rf3ct and h3 may hav3 actually hit h3r. Wh3n da pics 0f h3r all3gg3d abus3d sh0w3d, i ;augh3d, but i caught my s3lf to st0p n think as w3ll as put mys3lf in h3r sh03s. H0w did sh3 f33l wh3n sh3 l3arn3d that da picz of h3r bruis3s w3r3 air3d all ar0und da w0rld.. i wuld n3va d0 that again tho...(l0lz)
Check out Rihanna's abused face....

Th3 0sb0rn3 Ass0ciati0n

Th3 0sb0rn3 Ass0ciati0n is a n0n-pr0fit 0rganizati0n that h3lps childr3n with incarc3rat3d par3ntz d3v3l0p b3tt3r b3n3ficial r3lati0nshipz. I'v3 b33n in this pr0gram f0r tw0 y3arz n chang3 and th3y hav3 h3lp3d m3h build a w0nd3rful r3lati0nship with my fath3r. Th3 0sb0rn3 ass0ciati0n takez th3 childr3n wh0 ar3 involv3d in the program t0 tripz lik3 b0wling, appl3 picking, playz and a bunch 0f 0th3r activiti3z. i writ3 thiz bl0g b3caus3 if y0ur r3ading this bl0g and u wuld lik3 2 g3t involv3, w3th3r u hav3 a m0th3r 0r fath3r in pris0n, Th3 0sb0rn3 Ass0ciati0n may b3 th3 w0nd3rful plac3 f0r u 2 c0m3 n n0t b3 judg3d.

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A Long Distance Relationship With A Incacerated Parent

Wen I was just 4 or 5 years old, mi best friend as well as mi fatha was sent to prison. Mi fatha was sent to Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Ossining,NY for 16-32 years. Because of my age, I pretty much didnt know that for the next 16-32 years of my life, forever, there would be a missing part of meh. As the yrs progressed, mi fatha's absence weighed heavily on meh! I Was actin' out in skool and @ home! I felt as though people owed meh something, even tho I couldn't put mi finger on it! As of today, mi foolish wayz have stop and deze dayz I try mi best to spread the word bout how special it is to develop a relationship with your incarcerated parent. Mi fatha and I have sumthin special and currentli were both focusin on our skool work. He's enrolled in a masters for theology program at Mercy College Were also writin a book called My Father and Me that speaks out bout the importance of a father and daughter relationships and how hard it is to develop one with your father being in prison and vice versa!
Daily news report one story of one of the robberies connected to my father.